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Just a Thin Layer of Coating

    Just a Thin Layer of Coating.       

    We never wake up one morning
    With an expectancy of the
    Occurrence of  certain events.
    Some of these  leave us with
    A smile on our faces,
    Others with tears running down our cheeks.
    Sadness, a stranger whenever
    It arrives in our lives,
    Is a feeling
    Not so new to us.
    There's so much pain in our hearts
    But we know the pain won’t
    Last so long,
    For joy come with our morning.
    And our morning is just
    A second away from our night.
    We receive healing of
    All our hurts and pain
    From the Most High God

    ---Our Almighty Father
    Who sees and watches
    Over us always.
    Sadness is just a thin layer
    Of coating
    Over our happiness.
    And our happiness is just
    A disguise over our joy.
    Our real joy is that everlasting
    Feeling , from God,that mere
    Utterance of words
    Can't explain.
                          dedicated to Benny,Kevin and Philip Asare and Eva.


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