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Apology Accepted!

Apology accepted
Every day was new
And will forever be new.
The pain you caused was to me
A great lesson and experience,
It transformed me,
It became an eye opener,
It made me since it had no power to break me,
It gave me the opportunity,
To detect the real from the counterfeit,
It did more good than harm,
It made me extra careful
With every step I took
And every decision I made.
One thing is for sure,
Everybody who walks into your life
Either adds to or drains from your life
It's a wonder; a voice that once sent chills down my spine
Now causes a tremor in my being;
But My Lord says "Fear not"
"And do not fear those who kill the body
but cannot kill the soul.
Rather fear him who can destroy
Both soul and body in hell."
I’m free!
I’ve let go of all the pain
And burden in my heart.
I’m free!
I have found great joy and love
Which beats my imagination and soul’s delight,
But there's a final step;
Forgiving myself and
Forgiving you for all the wrong,
For all the pain and bruises!
Even though, you've never seen the need
To be remorseful about your
Actions and words
I gladly proclaim "Apology accepted!”

(C)Abena Anyen 
Dedicated to YOU!!!
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