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First Christmas Together Apart

First Christmas Together Apart
I remember the very moment we met,
It’s a memory so priceless
And can’t be shared with
Simple words.
I remember when you said
The “words”,
I laughed for no reason;
They were not funny,
But I just couldn’t help myself.
I remember my reaction when
You sat beside me for the first time,
I discovered I had butterflies in my tummy.
Our conservation was so freely flowing
Like we had known each other from Adam.
I wish the moments we shared never ended;
The days were longer than 24 hours,
There were no seas to put such
A long distance between us.
I dream of a season and time
When our clothing is the only distance
That stands between us.
Ur journey has been lovely and beautiful
With a few ugly bumps on the way.
The Christmas season closes in so fast on us.
I can’t wait for the day when
We would shop for the perfect Christmas tree,
And spend the whole nights decorating it.
The night which would be filled with
Sweet spirited Christmas carols and
Intense love.
The day we would spend doing nothing
But worshipping and praising and thanking God,
For all reasons and for
Letting us find each other.
This year’s Christmas won’t see
These wishes and dreams become a reality,
Because it’s our first Christmas together apart.

Merry Christmas, Mi Amor!!! 

dedicated to my love!

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