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I Just Know

I just know
Today, I smile
There are trillion of reasons to smile
Or to laugh.
The joy I feel inside can’t be expressed with words.

A tiny little bird once whispered to me,
“You will just know”
And true to these words,
I just know.
Despite my all efforts in denying it for a long time,
I just knew.
I did ‘things’ due to this denial,
All I got was cuts and bruises,
Very deep and nasty ones.

But just one day,
All made sense,
My denial made very conspicuous things
Very blur before my eyes.
Just then,
It was very glorious,
Like a colourful garden of pretty flowers in spring.
I just didn’t want to sleep anymore
Because my reality was sweeter than my dreams.

Do you believe in “magic”?
I never did till “that day”.
I smile whenever
I'm reminded of “that day”.

I haven’t still found words
To document this occurrence.
Writing about love
Is more of trying to explain
Who God’s parents are.
Or trying to describe
An indescribable phenomenon.

God is Love!
I live everyday, asking God
For wisdom and knowledge
To live in accordance to His purpose
For my life.

I pray this is not just a passing “one”.

I just can’t wait for the appointed time
When I would live every second
In this magical moment
Till the end of my existence.

Love is never a feeling!

In love, silence is more than
 Thousand words.

dedicated to YOU (R)(c)

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