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The Healing Process

The Healing Process

It has been easier than I thought
It would be.
The first days were just
So emotional and tough.
How unfair life could have been
At such a crucial moment?

My mind has decided to go blank
On this issue.
The people I thought hated me
Actually had my well-being
At heart.

Never take anyone for a fool
Sometimes a person decides
To act naive and all innocent
But this doesn’t make him
A fool.

I thought my situation was
Sad and worse
But yours is very pathetic.
I am grieving with you.

Appreciate everyone and anyone.
Watch your every word and action.
Those who care about you are getting
Tired and fed up.
Bear in mind!

Hang in there.
Don’t give up on yourself.
I have got your back.
Even if you give up on yourself

We are here for you.

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