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My Plea to You

My Plea to You.
 You made me smile
 Yet my heart was with someone else.
I hurt you
 But you were still there for me.
You showed me more
 Care and concern than anyone else
 But I still couldn't love you
I kept asking myself, why?
 Why you?
Why couldn't I love the one guy
Who's ready to go the extra mile for me?
 Is there any problem with me?
Is it that I'm blind to see?
Or deaf to hear?
 Or dead to feel?
 I'm sorry I couldn't love you
the way you wish I should.
I'm sorry you couldn't call me
Your own.
It hurts me more
 Than you can imagine
 That I couldn't love you.
I promise to be there for you
Whenever you need me
As long as God grants us life.
This is from the deepest part of my heart to you.
I love you-
My dearest friend.

 Dedicated to You.


  1. a very beautiful piece...but if other pieces are added,then it will be complete...proud of you!....Kwame

  2. really speaks to me...5*