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The Smiles of the Hurt

The Smiles Of The Hurt
I may have lost a lot
For being in this 'relationship'
But seriously,
I rather gained a lot more by
Walking out.
I gained memories that will
Never match up
To the memories yet to come.
Experiences that made me better
Not bitter.
They teach me everyday
How to be more and very prepared for the
Better yet to come.
Guess what!
All I lost was the money
I spent.
Even with that,
I know I will recover every pesewas
And even in more than a double portion.
Without any coming from you.
Because I gave out willing and with a
Cheerful heart.
Giving is one of the gifts
God blessed me with.
I enriched and boosted my pride
By standing my grounds
And making the best choice-
The choice of walking out
Without looking back.
I gained a valuable lesson.
It pays to be patient
And God's time is the
Very best.
My gains over-weigh my losses
All glory to God.

 Dedicated to YOU.


  1. Its lovely:-)//why do i have a feeling i know who its dedicated to ;-)...

    1. No....u dnt cos it's dedicated to everyone....