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About me

About me
Suddenly, the lights went off
And it got me thinking.
It felt as though that's
The way my life had become
One moment there's light
Then in less than a second
It's gone.
It felt like I had lost everything,
And all hope was lost.
You seem to be missing
When I needed you the most.
The times when my heart hurts
The times when the pain is unbearable
The times when life burns and taste
So bitter.
There's so much anger in me
And I've no idea on how to let it out,
But I need to.
I need to, in order to move on
And live.
I know it's the fault of no one.
I'm really hurt and bleeding.
I may seem so tough
But as human as I am
I've got a soft spot.
I won’t call it a weakness.
Forgiveness is an easy task
But forgetting is something else.
What is forgiveness without
Forgiving you was so divine
And not for any other reason.
Sometimes I wonder
Who am I?
And what happened to the other me?
It's not all about love,
It's also about me.

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