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The Love of my Life

The Love of my Life
I'm far more precious than the way
I'm treated
My father kept reminding me of
How unique I was
How there was no one like me
I never believed that
I was stuck with the lies
I told myself
Life, I thought, was so unfair to me
I stayed up all night
Thinking to myself
I had had enough of this life
And it was time to do something
About it
What I never knew till this moment
Was how everything
I went or was going through
Was just a path leading to my destination
How I was been drawn nearer to my time
To my victory
To my breakthrough
To my power
To my success
To the harvest time of God's promise
In my life
For all these years
I've been my own enemy
I kept dragging myself deeper into the muddy stream
But this day, My Lord,My God
Has opened my eyes to see
The real stuff I was made of
I am more than a conqueror!
I am God's favorite child!
I am a royal!
I am blessed and highly favoured!
I am spotless in Christ!
He has perfected me with His blood
I deserve myself
You don’t and won't deserve me
You respected me not
You refused to see my uniqueness
You are a part of my past
And my past stays with the past
My present with the present
And my future with the future
My life is and will always and
Will forever be with God
`-- -- The Love of my Life.

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