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They Think

They Think
They are always correct in their judgment
They think!
They always keep permanent perception of you,
Spreading that perception to the world,
Creating either lovers or haters for you.
They have the ability to attract the majority
Or the minority for or against you.
They can sometime be destiny killers or destiny boosters.
They can bring family and friends closer
Or can even turn them away.
People like this come our way during our journey through life
To keep us on track,
So never be scared or get frightened,
When they come around.
Always portray to those around you
The true you, the perfect image of God.
How you fall does not matter
But how you gather the efforts to pick yourself
And move on
Is what matters.
Never be overexcited or discouraged
A perception is created
A perception can be deceptive
A good or a bad one
© Annie Ann's Series

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