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"Honey, I need this",
"Sweetie, can you get me that?",
 "Darling, could you please accompany me here?"
"Sugar, you are so wonderful"
Every minute, every second,
Honey this!
Darling, that!
Ooh, oh, so when do I get to be the 'friend',
I'm always standing in for someone,
I'm always a stand-by.
When the 'friend' hurts or betrays her,
That's when I become of some importance,
That's when I'm seen as a 'friend',
A 'friend' for a second.
Once the problem is solved,
Our friendship goes back as old,
And I go back to being the stand-by.
I'm always cleaning up another's mess,
Nursing the wounds inflicted by another.
I'm almost hurt
But thanks to God
For being the best friend I could ever have,
For giving me friends 
To erase all this hurt,
Friends to treat me as 'friend'.
I'll always be a comforter
To a soul that needs comfort
No matter how I'm treated.

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