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The Distance

The Distance
I thought I had you
I always knew you were by my side
I never realized how distant
You had become from me
How the foundation of our friendship
Had weakened
How did it all happen?
What's the cause?
Did I move first or
You did?
I've always leaned on you
You're filled with Great Wisdom
You gave a different  definition  to my life
Transforming me wholly
You made me
You granted me the highest
Protection  from my foes
And fought all my battles
You've shown me the love
I'll never ever get from anyone
Even during our temporary separation
I shared my hurts and pain
With you
You listened
You said I never bothered you
With my numerous problems
Why the distance?
Who moved first?
You or I ?
I think I did!
Please take me back
Hold nothing against me
Forgive me
I'm back for real
Never will I depart from you
But I need your help
To stay-

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