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No ‘Friend’

No ‘Friend’
Always thought I had a friend,
But I just realized it’s always
Been just a dream.
I’ve been dreaming all this while!
I thought this one was going to be real,
Was going to be different
Was going to be understanding
Was going to be … oh my God!
I’ve been fooled, I fooled myself into
Believing I was finally going to be happy.
Now I’m all alone;friendless.
It’s heartbreaking
It’s kills to know a friend
Cant be called a friend no more.
So this how Christ feels
Whenever he reaches out to us
But we respond with our backs turned at him.
You only understand this hurt and pain
When you go through this experience
Not only experiencing it.
But He keeps loving us
Never giving up
No matter the circumstance.
I’d still love ‘friend’
I’ve always dreamt of.

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