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Happy Father's Day

My Father
Before I can into existence
God had everything planned out
He decided to give me a Father
An earthly Father
The one who was going to be
Physically part of my life
Availing himself to be used as a vessel
By God, My Heavenly Father
To teach me
To lead
To correct me
To pick me up when I am down
To care for me
To share with me in my times of joy and need
To love
Love which is a foundation of the world
God is love
When I was a little child
He taught me
How to communicate with My Heavenly Father
He stood by my side when I opened
My mouth to say a prayer
He said, " begin by saying, My Heavenly Father"
He helped me to understand that
The most important man in my life is
He didn't take the praises for himself
When he could
 God knowing how great the responsibilities
He gave my father
Has granted me an opportunity
By allowing me and also my father see this day
To appreciate him
To give him a 'well-done' for all he does
And still doing
"A good father is one of the most unsung,
unpraised, unnoticed and yet one of the most
valuable assets in our society"
These are words of a father, Billy Graham
Happy Father's Day
My Dad
I love you.
© Annie Ann's Series 2012

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