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The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love
I told myself, 'finally I've found
What I was looking for'
But then I was wrong
I was searching for the right thing
In the wrong places
My heart bleeds
My body responds to this bleeding
I woke up this day with so much belief
In myself
In my ability to change things
Around me
But I failed
I turned to a place I knew
I could find what I was looking for
But there was nothing there
I felt a touch in my life
A warm touch that suddenly
Change everything in my life
There was light in my life
My path was clear and straight
My heart stopped bleeding
I was full was of joy and peace
That words cant describe
Then the sweetest voice in the world
A voice that was familiar but was the first time
I was hearing it said to me
'My dearest always know I LOVE YOU
I'll offer you what the world can never give you
All I need you to do is to
Invite me into your life
And give me your whole being
The love shown was the purest
I've ever tasted
It took all pains away
All troubles, all bitterness
I was restored from that very minute
The very minute I said  'I do'
The minute I accepted Him into my life
My love,My Lord
Jesus Christ
I love you
The Greatest Love in my life.

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