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Facts of Nature

Facts of Nature
I don’t know that but
It’s not breaking up,
It’s juust staying away
From you.
I llove you
The way I always do.
My love for you has not change
And I don’t think it’ll ever change.
It’s a matter of the period of time
In which we are now.
It’s not understandable
Neither is explainable.
Our friendship holds
But no more as before.
The fire is partially quenched
And can’t be rekindled.
Even if it is, not as it used to be
Before- Anymore.
It’s now time we find our ways,
Find the places we belong,
We don’t belong together
And can’t force to be
Because it’s a fact of nature.
It hurts it has to be
This way but
Who know the future,
Maybe we’ll meet again
But always knows
I still love you and
Will never stop loving you.

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