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Good morning , my dear
The rising bright yellow morning sun
Seems to say with a broad smile
Of bright shining light
The warmth of its breath
Provides the perfect atmosphere
To start my morning
It's the right atmosphere to say
Good morning to my Heavenly Father,
Who sits upon His throne above-
In Heaven.
The joy of this morning is as fresh as ever,
Chasing away all troubles and worries.
This is a new day with a new beginning
And a new end.
A day that comes with a fresh anointing
And more lovely experience of His presence.
His power is fully revealed in this moment
Of His awesome presence.
The leaves are as green as they are in spring.
The branches of the tree support the leaves to
Dance gracefully to the rhythm of nature's breath-
The cool morning breeze.
This is their way of showing thankfulness to
Our creator.
The birds can't hide their gratefulness.
The make the sweetest melodies ever heard
Filing the ambience with more joy
And love to appreciate nature at its best.
This reveals the glorifying glory of My Father.
His awesomeness, Beauty, Abounding Love,Grace and Mercies
Is appreciated through His handiworks.

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