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The Internal Storm

The Internal Storm

She kept wondering how
She was able to heal fast
From all the hurts and pain
You caused her.
All that fear that crept into her heart.

She looks back at all those times
She shed tears for you,
Not just over your love and the pain it brought her
But also over your life.
She kept praying that just one day
You would understand
What it means to love.

She looks back and
Cannot believe how deep
She had to compromise
Just trying to save her ‘relationship.’
The boundaries she ignored,
The attention she paid,
She could say she become ‘attention-bankrupt’,
The hours spent on knees interceding on your behalf,
Pleading with God to take absolute control
Of her ‘relationship’.
She tells me with tears running down her cheeks,
“I loved him but he just didn’t love me.”
He told her everyday
How much he loved her
But they were just words,
Mere words!
Empty words with no action.
Love is not just confessing with your lips,
It’s meaning it with your heart and
Showing it with genuine actions.
God is love.
The best way to love is to ask God
To teach you.

She looks back and
She see how much of a fool
She was because of the love of one ‘man’.
She vivid remembers all those ‘smiles’
On their faces,
Their act of love
Their laughter behind her back
And all those names they called her.
She kept telling her herself,
She was over him and moving on,
But truly on the inside
She deeply hurts
And if only her pillow could tell its story.

She ignored your obvious lies,
Giving you the opportunity to speak the truth,
Just once,
But you looked directly into her eyes,
And spoke those same lies.
She’s one of the strongest ladies I have met,
But ‘love’ broke her.
She scared to open up to someone else,
Maybe just maybe,
The one who would not just say he loves her,
But would show her love.

Of course, she thought of revenge,
But being a virtuous woman,
She knows she would gain nothing but just more pain.
Vengeance is the LORD’s.

Today, she wants you to hear her story.
She needs not your sympathy,
But your love.
She tells me how glad she is for not compromising
On her purity.
For it’s what has kept her standing
She screams how proud a virgin she is.

She grateful to you,
Her few but true friends.
People who keep showing her love;
Love that surpasses her understanding.
She keeps saying a prayer for you.
She still loves you.
She prays you open up the door of your heart to Jesus
And that you would learn to love.
She prays you receive few but true friends.

She’s grateful to God for this hurtful
But worthy lesson.
She thanks Him for
His never-ending unconditional love,
For not walking out on her
Even when she slammed the door of her heart in His face,
He just kept being there.

She knows her time to truly smile is not afar.
The time for her complete healing of all
The cuts and bruises is nigh.
She shouts,
“The internal storm is over!”

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