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What I wanted

What I wanted
I’ve realized I can’t always have
What I wanted,
But always had what I needed.
I always wanted friends
But I always had the friends
I needed.
They’re always there to comfort me,
They get to study and know me
As they have to.
They understand my actions
And correct me when I’m wrong.
There are times where;
There’s shedding of tears,
There’s holding of hands
Assuring ourselves we’re always
There for each other;
There’s great laughter and joy.
They know we’re are not perfect
But have the ability
Of becoming so.
We understand each other
Whether in pain or sadness
And joy or happiness.
We’ve always got each other’s
Back covered.
We stand in the gap for each other
And remember to always
Say a word of prayer.
I’m happy to always have
What I needed.
Even though I never get what I wanted.

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