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My love became my hate

My love became my hate
I woke this day only to be in the face
How much of a fool I’ve been all this while
Trusting a ‘man’.
Is any ‘man’ worth my love?
Love can only hurt when
Material things is what is desired
And it’s shown on the wrong person.
True love never hurts.
No matter the trouble,
No matter the circumstance.
Love is perfect.
I allowed myself to be fooled
By the tongue of a ‘man’.
He appeared as an angel
Only to be revealed as the devil himself-
In human form.
He found a place in my heart,
Made me almost lose my stand.
He’s a perfect definition for
This is pure wickedness
To let a heart love you
Only for you to drop and crush it.
All hope not lost
With God ever present,
Love will never runs out.
He mends and repairs
The broken spirit and crushed heart;
And returns the smile to the face
Of this pitiful soul.
This will be my forever reminder
To learn to love a ‘man’
The way he deserves only-
Never and nothing more.

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